Smart Tint Solutions

smart intelligent glass

  Smart Glass Solutions

When Power is ” OFF ” its all Opaque ( NO SEE THROUGH ) , When Power is ” ON ” its
Transparent ( SEE THROUGH ) .
Product is Made in UK ( 5 Years Warranty )

Smart Glass Solutions

Smart glass, commonly known as Privacy Glass or Switchable Transparent Glass ( STG ) , or
Switchable Smart Glass and smart film glass .
This is state of the art laminated glass with a PDLC film interlayer between two sheets of
It is an intelligent high function glass, which has a special characteristic of changing
between clear and opaque by voltage control.
When privacy is required the current is switched off and the crystals scatter into a random
formation which prevents vision through the glass. (PDLC Film) Material: Two layer PET-ITO
conducting film + Middle Inside (LCD) Liquid Crystal Membrane .

Following are the Applications of Smart Glass :

▪ Privacy Windows for Conference Rooms;
▪ Ultra Modern Residential/Commercial Blind Applications;
▪ Outdoor Advertising & Rear Projection;
▪ Automotive Moon Roofs & Skylight Controls;
▪ Rest Room Privacy / Restriction of Views;
▪ Command & Control Room Privacy;
▪ Bank Teller/Cashier Windows;
▪ Security (Glass with Smart Tint applied to it, doesn’t scatter even after breakage)