Retail Analytics

retail analytics

IMPULSE TECHNOLOGIES Empower the Retailers , to Have a 360 Degree View of the Customer and Deep Insight Into Their Behavior .

We Strictly Believe In The Philosophy, that “ You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure ”

We Offer The Most Comprehensive Set Of Insights Around Customer Shopping Behaviours and Store Performance. With The Help Of In-Store Analytics , The Performance Of Campaigns And Other Marketing Activities Can These Days be Measured and Analyzied Real-Time , Which Allows Marketers To Make Better Decisions and to Optimise Their Performance Through Real-Time Retail Analytics , Our Solution Equips Retailers And Shopping Centres With The Ability to Collect , Analyze and Visualize In-Store Data .

The Benefits of In-Store Analytics Depend Heavily on the Environment Where it is Deployed . However The Possibilities Are Countless In Any Environment From Shopping Malls To Individual Stores . Furthermore , According To Our Experience , The Benefits of In-Store Analytics Accumulate Over Time . Retail Analytics Can Help Companies Create New , Innovative Store Concepts That Will Boost Their Brands and Sales , Better Inform Business Decisions And Price Flow Monitoring for Such Measurements is Achieved , For Example, with Mobile Tracking of Anonymous Individuals .

retail analytics
However , These Techniques Should Not Be Used For Customer Counting , Since The Coverage Of These Measurement Techniques is Not Higher Than 30%.

Activation Measurement With Retail Analytics .

Activation Measurement Is An Emerging Trend For Analyzing People Movement In Areas Using Video .

This Technique To Measure The Effectiveness Of Event Marketing Or Engagement In Particular Products .

retail analytics