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We at Impulse Technologies ensure that you have complete control of your home.

We supply a Full Range of Home Automation Solutions Such as

  • Press a Goodnight Button that will Put Your House to Sleep , Turning off All Lights and Locking all Doors .
  • Get Notified on Your Smartphone When Your Kids Return Home from School .
  • Have Your Heat Kick on When You are Driving Home From the Airport or Schedule Your Shades to Open Hallfway in Sequence with the Sun .
  • Take Your Home Theater Experience to the Next Level by Setting the Lights to Dim , The Volume to Ramp and the Movie to Start , All with the Click of a Button .
  • Flood the House with Your Favorite Music , Letting it Follow You from Room-to-Room , or let Everyone in the Home Listen to their Own Favorites in their Own Quarters.

With Impulse Technologies , Your Options are Virtually Limitless.


Refers to the Varied Computer Machinery and Software Used to Digitally Create , Collect , Store , Manipulate, and Relay Office Information Needed for Accomplishing Basic Tasks and Goals . Raw Datastorage , Electronic Transfer , and the Management of Electronic Business Information Comprise the Basic Activities of an Office Automation System . Office Automation Helps in Optimising or Automating Existing Office Procedures . ? The Backbone of Office Automation is a LAN , Which Allows Users to Transmit Data , Mail and Even Voice Across the Network . All Office Functions , Including Dictation, Typing , Filing , Copying , Fax , Telex, Micro Film and Records Management , Telephone and Telephone Switch Board Operations ,  Fall into this Category .

OFFICE AUTOMATION was a Popular Term in the 1970s and 1980s as the Desktop Computer Exploded Onto the Scene . Office Automation is Intended to Provide Elements Which Make it Possible to Simplify, Improve, and Automate the Organization of the Activities of a Company or a Group of People (Management of Administrative Data, Synchronisation of Meetings, etc.) . Considering that Company Organizations Requires Increased Communication , Today, Office Automation is no Longer Limited to Simply Capturing Handwritten Notes. In Particular, it also Includes the Following Activities :


You may be asking yourself, what is smart home automation? Your home becomes a “smart home” when you incorporate computers and other compatible devices to manipulate household functions such as audio, lighting, locks, security systems, blinds, and much more. Smart home controls are made possible through a custom panel in the home or remotely through a smartphone or tablet. When the entire house is integrated together, it is often referred to as a “smart home.” Your systems can react on an automated basis using pre-programmed settings you choose based on your preferences and lifestyle. You can also monitor your home while away using smartphone or tablet apps.

Home Automation


Our smart home automation products are only from the top brands in the busines.Home Automation Let us design a system together that will make your life easier, safer and more secure. We can also help you save money on energy costs by converting your home to a smart home which gives you the ability to program your thermostat, alarm system, and more. Some smart home features we offer are:

  • Automated Lighting
  • Shades & Blinds
  • Heating & A/C
  • Audio & Video
  • Doors & Locks
  • Security Cameras