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IPCCTV SYSTEMS Differ from Conventional CCTV System in that the Components are all Network Based. The Control and Administration Function Comes from Software Running on a PC Server Anywhere in the Network . IP Cameras are Not Directly Attached to Any Hardware . Storage of the Images can Go to the Same Server But Can Also be Routed Anywhere on the Network to a Network Storage Device. It is Even Possible to have Cameras that have Built in Administration and Intelligence Such that No Other Components are Required . IP Cameras on their Own are a Vast Step up from their Analogue Predecessors . Each Device Works Separately With its Own Processing Power and Intelligence .

Activity Detection can be Setup at the Camera Rather than the Controlling Hardware Limiting the Network Traffic and Saving on the Processing Power at the Control Equipment .

The Images Quality is also far Superior to Analogue Systems as it is Purely Digital as Well as an End to Interlace Problems .


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Security systems development begins with determining the specific security program objectives as well as the direction security should take in the ongoing management of your operations. At that point IMPULSE TECHNOLOGIES can then provide proactive security solutions to help mitigate risk.
Our clients have ranged from Convention Centers to stadiums to National memorials, and installations include a range of lighting, CCTVs, and electronic access control and surveillance systems.
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