ANPR System

ANPR System

Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR System)

Automated Number Plate Recognition, abbreviated as ANPR, is one of Impulse Technologies’s foremost software products.


· Reads multiple lanes of traffic simultaneously (multiple cameras)

· Reads license plates day and night

· Reads license plates 24/7 under all weather conditions

· Reads license plates on vehicle traveling up to 130 mphANPR application

ANPR system is a type of OCR (optical character recognition) technology, to read automatically the registration number and characters of vehicles from digital pictures.

Reading the registration number means transforming the pixels of the digital image into the text of the number plate.

Impulse ANPR system allows versatile & client-specific applications such as comparison of number plates with a Blacklist, Whitelist, and Exclusion List.

Typical application environments:

Automation of Car Parks at Airport and Harbor logistics
Prevention of non-payment at gas stations, drive-in restaurants, etc.
Vehicle theft prevention / detection
Traffic monitoring
Highway Toll Collection
Speed Enforcement
Building a traffic movement database

BLACK LIST: To avoid unauthorized vehicles attempt accessing the premises by sending a pop-up warning window to users through Impulse ANPR solutions.

WHITE LIST: Mostly for Access Control.

EXCLUSION LIST: In addition to Blacklist and Whitelist, users can also set up an Exclusion List, is featuring to avoid misreading frontal vehicle brand logo as registration platesanpr image

Our Solution is capable to recognize both Reflective and Retro-Reflective License Plates.

Reflective form of registration plates are mostly being adopted in majority of European countries, and the visibility & recognition rate are higher than the retro-reflective plates.

For retro-reflective plates, it is highly recommended to either install an additional infrared IP camera or exterior light sensor to complement the insufficient lighting circumstance, and further increasing its recognition rate.